You guys, I just… I love chameleons. Cutest reptiles that ever’d.

ripe-for-gelatino asked
Thank you for posting all these cool pictures, especially the african grey, they're my favorite kind of parrot and they remind me of one that I had for a long time who recently passed away. You're awesome and I appreciate having all these birds in my life

Well, thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words. I’m sorry to hear you recently lost your friend. I know that must be hard. I’m glad that you enjoy seeing all the birds! Bird fandom is the best fandom and all of you that are in it are the best!

Also I made a gif of the African grey from today just for you!

Look at me and these grey beebs. One is an African Grey, and I think the other is a ringneck.

I love Animal Jungle. Got lots of pics to upload and I’m gonna edit together a sorta video tour of the different videos I took.

Added this to the giveaway prize!

Added this to the giveaway prize!

All by myself. Don’t wanna be alllll byyyyy myyyyseeelllffff.

All by myself. Don’t wanna be alllll byyyyy myyyyseeelllffff.

Pepper and Pals superhero AU: Super Flock.

  • Marshmallow aka The Atomic Budgie: This glowing blue bird has the abilities of teleportation, telekinesis, and can fire energy blasts from his beak. He’s also the most earnest bird you’ll ever meet. This optimistic budgie just wants to do his best and prove his worth.
  • Popcorn aka The Popper Parakeet: He can bounce great distances with force and shoot off weaponized feathers in a popcorn-like fashion. He’s shy, clumsy, and doesn’t have much luck to speak of, but he’s working on it. He has many fears to conquer, but he’s all the braver for trying.
  • Tango aka The Bulky Budge: She uses her hen rage to transform into a fifty foot super-strong budgie. Usually fairly level-headed, this intelligent hen likes to keep to herself and her work, but when her hen rage kicks in, “BUDGE BASH!”
  • Pepper aka Steeltiel: Though he lacks super powers, he makes up for it in money and attitude. When he dons his metal suit he’s every bit as powerful as his budgie sidekicks… usually. He’s an older, often grumpy bird who’s having a hard time retiring.
  • The Finches aka Finchicane: These bitsy feathered friends combine to form a storm of feathers and fluff. No one knows much about them, as they mostly just “beep.” They show up every once in a while when the weather man calls for it.

I’m also making a trip to Animal Jungle tomorrow because I need some stress relief. They do carry some bird goodies for people there, so I’ll see if there’s anything I can get to add to the giveaway! 

Also I was thinking about taking some video while I’m there. Would you guys be interested in meeting the birds of Animal Jungle?