Regarding how to form a nonprofit: You would need to register the organization with your state, and apply to the IRS for tax-exempt status. MARR (Mice And Rats Rights) is a nonprofit with a similar mission statement, they have a tumblr as well. They can probably give you some guidance. I have donated time to them in the form of free custom graphics for them to use for decals etc. to hand out at expos, I would be happy to donate time to SmallPetRespect like that as well if you have need of it.

I’ll check out MARR for sure!

And yeah, I’ll definitely look more into nonprofit stuff. It’s nothing I could do right now, especially not on my own, but it’s something I’d like to do in the future!

Thanks for letting me know that! It’s definitely helpful.

rembrandtswife said: What would it take to do that? How could your followers help?

To turn SmallPetRespect into a nonprofit? I’m not sure. It’s something I’ll look into, but I doubt I’d have the know-how and time to run it. 

I mean… I’d like to even do some small things along the lines of guerrilla marketing. Stuff like getting a bunch of different business card sized info cards printed and asking people to stick them in places at their local pet store.  


So with my traveling around for this job, I haven’t had a chance to answer asks. Rather than spam everyone, I’m gonna answer the majority of some of the recent ones I’ve gotten here. 

katelyn-monsterI’m not going to lie I bought that skeleton I love it ;_; I bought it for Chester my cockatiel …

Haha! Well it is quite hilarious. 

puking-ferretsMy budgie, BMO, has started to trust me more and more ever since I had a rough spot when I had to hold him to give him meds a while back. He’s not 100% cause he won’t step onto my finger while he’s inside his cage but he doesn’t seem to have a problem stepping up while outside. I do have a slight concern though, he sometimes nibbles on my fingers. Sometimes its random, other times I get the feeling that he’s just being cranky. He is quite young, is he going through bird puberty or something? xD

Hmm. I suppose it’s possible, but from my experience, budgies, tiels, and other birds don’t go through puberty that is super rough like larger birds. At least, that’s what I’ve seen. Is it possible your budgie is a girl budge? It’s not an exact science or anything, but biting is typically a female thing. 

adventuresandwanderlust said: Hey girl! I was just wondering if Pepper has always loved baths. My Hank despises baths and I don’t know how to get him to enjoy them. I’ve tried from different angles, more or less direct spray, and in a more comfy place and he just hates baths. I’m just wondering how you bathe Pepper in the shower, because I’m going to try that with Hank tomorrow because Pepper looks suuuuper happy at bathtime. P.S. Your blog is fabulous and it makes me so much happier when I have to be away from Hank.

Hello! And thank you! I’m afraid I don’t have any advice on this one. Each bird is a little different and prefers different things when it comes to baths. Pepper and most of the budgies only like the shower, while Bazooka really likes to be sprayed. The finches like a bowl of water. I didn’t have to train any of them for this. It’s just what they prefer. 

queennavidean said: I vaguely remember birblr talking about nutriberries and whether they can be used for a full diet for birbs… Milo has not really warmed up to the pellets and will only accidentally eat them when mixed with seed. (or pick the seed out and flip his bowl over with all the pellets in it…) but he really likes nutriberries. Are they nutritious enough for him to live healthily on those? (plus veggies and stuff if I can get him to eat them)

Personally, yes, I think so. While I do offer my birds pellets sometimes (Usually Zupreem) they basically don’t eat them. Nutriberries they will eat though, and I feel better about giving them that then just straight up seed. Of course, as you said, it should be supplemented with other things. I’ve kinda phased out pellets and pretty much totally give nutriberries in place of them and some seed. I felt like I was wasting money on the pellets and making the birds unhappy. 

There’s some debate as to the nutrition of Nutriberries, but the same can be said for pellets too. It seems like the answer changes depending on who you ask. As for me, I say Nutriberries are great as the main part of Milo’s diet. It’s a good compromise between seed and pellets and is at least somewhat more natural than pellets. I’ll tag bootywraith in this too, as I know she knows some Nutriberry things. 

takma-rierah said: Birb is fine, but have you considered brid?

Brid is also an excellent variation! 

derpydoc said: You’re here in Pittsburgh? Have you stopped by the National Aviary?

Unfortunately I was just there for work. I totally would have if I had had the time! 

euonym said: i recently got a conure who’s seven years old, and i’ve noticed her moving her tail down sometimes like she’s stretching it. is that normal?

That sounds to me like possible tail bobbing? Hard to say without seeing the behavior. If it is, it’s indicative of breathing difficulties. You may want to look into some possible tail bobbing causes and see if that might be what’s causing the behavior. 

johnstaph said: Hi! I have a parakeet and I’ve had him for about three years but I’ve never really bothered to train him until recently. I feel pretty bad about it. Do you think I’ll have any problem since he is older

It’s certainly not impossible, but training an older bird always takes more time and patience. Try checking out my taming info here

nameriasaur said: I just received the best news of my life! My parents will get me a cockatiel in December! I decided to get a pretty young male ‘tiel. It’ll be my first time owning a male. So, any tips you can share with me about male tiels?

That’s awesome! CONGRATS! Er, let’s see… mostly watch out for them trying to mate with things… and most of the ones I’ve met like feet. 

not-so-sure-myself said: Hmm… I’ve been thinking about what you’ve said and I have recently moved his cage to a different spot of the room, so maybe it’s the fact that he doesn’t like that new area? He’s always disliked going back to his cage, but his dislike has gotten worse so maybe that’s the case. Thank you for your help. o3o

That’s possible! You’re welcome! 



The spoopiest part of this skeleton bird decoration is the complete lack of knowledge in basic skeletal anatomy

somebody please draw this creature with skin on because i think it would be horrifying because those are basically long fingers

Steal His Look: Pepper the Poof Birb

Manic Panic semi-permanent hair color in Electric Banana - $13.99

TRESemme extra hold gel to hold your ‘tiel mohawk - $3.99

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Peach Satin - $5.95

Tibi colour block melange sweater - $285

Dr Denim Jamie low waist skinny dark grey jeans - $69

Black feet with talons from lilecreations Etsy shop - $61.50

Millet spray - $3.49

So I’ve basically officially made the budgie couples switch because, well, check out this conundrum:

  • Marshmallow likes both Tango and Bazooka pretty much equally, though he leans slightly towards Tango. He cannot stay with Popcorn.
  • Tango likes both Popcorn and Marshmallow, and will accept affection from either. She cannot stay with Bazooka.
  • Popcorn REALLY likes Tango and is so-so about Bazooka. He cannot stay with Marshmallow.
  • Bazooka REALLY likes Marshmallow and is sometimes ok with Popcorn, but sometimes also seems to give him a hard time. She cannot stay with Tango.

So now I have them Tango/Popcorn to a cage and Bazooka/Marshmallow to a cage and I honestly think this has been more peaceful.